We invite donations for supporting Gujaratilexicon project. Your support helps to continue and accelerate work on Gujaratilexicon. Your support makes a difference to the cause Gujarati., the comprehensive Gujarati language resource on the Internet, is a mission started by Shri Ratilal P Chandaria. This 89 years old philanthropist and visionary has spent two decades to prepare this Gujarati digital dictionary. He has given his personal time, attention, money, passion, network and ideas to the project.

The journey is not over. Journey becomes more interesting now. Ratibhai's vision is to promote effective use of this ancient language in today's world and advanced technology. He and his associates aspire to create a Gujarati World Heritage Centre. But that would require support from Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis from across the world.

We invite financial and non-financial support for and creation of Gujarati World Heritage Centre.

Gujarati World Heritage Centre will use donated funds for:

  • Maintenance and updates of
  • Text To Speech Software
  • Optical Character Reader
  • Digitalization of Gujarati Classics
  • Porting Gujaratilexicon To Non-PC Devices
  • Gujarati Translation Software
  • Animated Classics for Generation Next
  • Learning The Language
  • Training of Linguists
  • Social Software

We therefore encourage people to avail our CDs against donations. We have no profit motive on the sales. If you would like to contribute to Gujaratilexicon, then please donate through the Gujaratilexicon Paypal account. Please use this [email protected] to make the donation.

Please note that donations will reach Chandaria Foundation, Mumbai, a non-profit organisation and are tax-deductible. Our operations are transparent and we remain accountable for our work.

If you have a specific request as to how we should use the funds you donate please send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

We acknowledge our supporters and contributors online. When you donate, you can be listed on our Donors web page.