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Welcome To Ratilal Chandaria's Gujaratilexicon -The Most Comprehensive Gujarati Language Resources.

Gujaratilexicon is a landmark work in the history of Gujarati language containing resources of more than 45 lakh words. It aims to preserve, popularize and develop Gujarati language through the power of information technology. Lovers of Gujarati language can develop vocabulary, enjoy literature, read exclusive literature and join our mission through Gujaratilexicon.com.

Gujaratilexicon is a small attempt in contemporizing Gujarati and developing Gujarati Language Resources. It is the first, the biggest and the most comprehensive Lexical Resource in Indian Language.

Gujaratilexicon Project is the result of undying passion and relentless vision of Amar Shri Ratilal P. Chandaria, who spent more than 25 years on this project.

Gujaratilexicon has undertaken several projects like Lokkosh, Digital Bhagwadgomandal, Sarth Kosh, Crossword, Gujaratilexicon Mobile Application, Global Gujaratilexicon, Gujarati Games, eBooks etc. Gujaratilexicon Project is supported by Chandaria Foundation & Arnion Technologies.


સાચું ગુજરાતી લખી શકવાનો વિશ્વાસ અને જોડણી શુદ્ધિની દિશામાં અતિ ઉપયોગી છે.

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