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Preserving, Nurturing & Promoting Gujarati Language & Lexical Resources Through The Use of World-Class & Contemporary Technological Tools.

GL Journey

Gujaratilexicon is the biggest and the most comprehensive lexical resource in Indian language.

The Project Gujaratilexicon started as an individual and humble effort to contribute to Gujarati language. We are glad that Gujaratilexicon has become a movement in Gujarati language. The stories of its impact continue to surprise us. Youth and senior citizens like it. NRIs love it. Rural Gujaratis use it to learn English words. Corporate India relies on it. All of this is indeed overwhelming.

Gujaratilexicon continues to provide free services to lovers of Gujarati language. Gujarati language has provided its expertise and intellect to C-DAC: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Government of India and helped their natural language processing and visual thesaurus. Gujaratilexicon contributes to Open Source and has integrated itself with Mozilla Firefox Search. Gujaratilexicon Dictionaries are integrated with Office Suite like Open Office.

Gujaratilexicon team helped Gujarat Vidyapith to digitize and present Sarth in the digital form. Sarth CDs have been quite popular. Gujaratilexicon added games like Quick Quiz, Crossword, Jumble Fumble etc. to make it popular with youth and children. We are surprised that 80 year old kids are our biggest fans. We have provided access to the best of literature on Gujaratilexicon - Sunday eMahefil, Opinion, Matrubhasha, Mamta Magazine and Pradip Khandwala's poem.

A recent M.Phil Study compared Gujaratilexicon with Oxford and found that Gujaratilexicon is moving in the right direction. Another important study found it to be highly effective in translations. Several private sector organizations and gujarati lovers leverage Gujaratilexicon for their varied needs. Our English Gujarati dictionary is undergoing dramatic changes to ensure that it stays contemporary. Several new dictionaries are being prepared for specialized usage.

One of the most important landmarks for Gujaratilexicon was realization of Bhagwadgomandal Dream. Bhagwadgomandal is the biggest and the most prolific work in Gujarati. Visionary Maharaj Bhagvadsinhji of Gondal gifted the original Bhagwadgomandal to the world after 26 years of scientific and detailed work. This encyclopedic dictionary is a cultural milestone of Gujarati language. Ratilal Chandaria's Gujaratilexicon Team has digitized Bhagwadgomandal and created its digital avatar in a record time of 11 months with a strong team of 15 people. The strong execution skills were displayed in the process of digitization which saw three parallel teams working in three different locations and producing error free work. Maharaj Bhagwadsinhji would be proud to see his treasure reaching the generation next.

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Gujaratilexicon's Bhagwadgomandal project has been selected by US Federal Government's Library of Congress Catalog. The work is included as one of the rich reference work for Gujarati Encyclopedic work. It is also featured under Gujarati-English and English-Gujarati digital dictionary resources. Archiving and Cataloging of Digital Bhagwadgomandal by none other than US Federal Congress Library is a big achievement for our Gujarati language and is a matter of pride for us. Digital Bhagwadgomandal has more visitors than original Bhagwadgomandal sold. We are happy to say that Bhagwadgomandal is back in fashion.

After bringing the dictionaries and lexical resources to people, Gujaratilexicon decided to leverage the expertise of people. Language is a flowing river and we wanted to ensure that Gujaratilexicon represents the contemporary wisdom as well. We wanted to speak the language of today and yesterday - for the future ! Lokkosh was born from such idea - dictionary of the people, by the people and for the people. We are overwhelmed by the outstanding response to it. Several words have been added to Gujarati language and many more gems are waiting to be discovered.

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The journey not ends here. Gujaratilexicon’s next aim is to make Gujarati Language Global. Hence, Global Gujaratilexicon Project was born. The Gujarati user can enjoy Gujarati – Japanese, Gujarati – Chinese and Gujarati – French lexical resources from the site. As a pilot project, we have started with 5000 words and frequent conversation sentence. More work is being defined.

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The Future is Mobile Devices - Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs ! GujaratiLexicon Team has always ensured that the Gujarati Language Tools and Technologies are compliant with the latest technological trends. Hence, we decided to make the GujaratiLexicon resources available on the Major Mobile Devices. Currently there are several Gujaratilexicon Mobile Apps.

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The Road Ahead

Gujaratilexicon continues to be the thought leader in Gujarati space. We help Government and leading community projects to decide the framework for Gujarati language translation, fonts etc. We are planning innovative initiatives for popularizing Gujarati amongst students.

We look forward to active collaboration with global and world-class technological organizations for promoting Gujarati and Indian languages. We look forward to working with Government agencies, schools, colleges and universities for research and development.

Gujaratilexicon has several new initiatives for the future to ensure Gujarati language is contemporary and world-class in the digital world.

Gujaratilexicon Projects

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