Word Search

About Word Search

Word Search is an easy and fun game to improve the Gujarati vocabulary. It is based on the simple principle of finding hidden words from a grid of multiple characters. As you find the hidden words in Gujarati Word Search Game, your vocabulary enhances and your Gujarati lexicon improves.

So what are you waiting for ? Play three different level to choose from :East / Medium / Hard which will test, mystify, and enhance your Gujarati vocabulary skills.

Play Gujarati Word Search Game Now !


How To Play!

• Select Level : Easy / Medium / Hard

• Level divided into 8 * 8, 10 * 10 and 12 * 12 boxes respectively

• List of Words are displayed on the right hand side

• Find all the words from the list as quickly as possible

• Words can be found horizontally, vertically and also straight and backwards