RPC-Article in Chitralekha

September 30 2010

‘Chitralekha’, a reputable weekly magazine, on the celebration of their 60th anniversary, to commemorate their achievements over 60 years, has published a unique Special Issue, that covers a galaxy of 60 Internationally respected Gujaratis.

Our work in the service of language like ‘Gujaratilexicon’, ‘Bhagvadgomandal’ etc. has been acknowledged in an article on ‘Ratilal Chandaria.’

As admirers and users of ‘Gujaratilexicon’, we are attaching three pages of write-ups that we are sure, will interest you.

It is your support and cooperation that has made this possible.
We all shall remain indebted to you forever for your help.

Please find below URL for the Chitralekha pages.

– Courtesy – Chitralekha

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