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Namaste Sir/Madam, My name is Nirav Kriplani...And I am a media student in a college named NIMCJ, Ahmedabad...Here, I'm pursuing PGDMCJ course..which helps me to bring my self in the creative field of masscomm and journalism, Actually I had a diversified educational background, In which I did BA in Geography, Then in Climate Change, after than this I had worked for OTBL, and After its joined Axis Bank..BUt due to my mothers illness...and boring work culture...cant make continue with this so I got made my self to take admission in journalism...and now I'm doing some freelance work here in Ahmedabad...Basically I'm from Rajula, Amreli Dist...And a student of very well known Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya itself...Since during my Studentship I was very curious about literature...and i pursued my passion of reading...and since some time.. I'm very passionate about the writings.. so till today..I had written almost.. some 20 of poems, 100+ shayaries, 8 to 9 micro-fiction stories.. 3 novels..from which 1 is completed..2 is on the way of it..and so writing is my passion..I want to continue it and want to pursue as my career...So I think and hope...that here I will learned something new about language and literature...

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